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What We Do


Community Collaboration

We believe that we must equip our youth with knowledge of ScienceTechnologyEgineeringMathematics (STEM). in order for them to move forward with the jobs and careers of the near future.  We collaborate with other nonprofits for tutoring, mentoring and community service opportunities.

Job Readiness

We provide job readiness training in the areas of basic computer skills, literacy, GED preparation, dressing for success, interviewing techniques, resume writing, etc. also in collaboration with other nonprofit groups.



New Hope for Youth

We offer scholarships for rising high school graduates for college as well as trade school. Students must have at least a " C" average to apply. If the student chosen to receive a scholarship maintains a "B " average after the first year they can receive the scholarship again. Application details are available in March of each year and posted on this website as well as via e-mails and social media.

 In addition to STEM we focus on our youth artistic abilities whether it is canvas, art, poetry, story-telling, dance, song, music or any other genre of art.   We support ARTS in the schools by sponsoring a school choirs or art departments through financial stipends or actual equipment donations.

Additionally,  twice a year we offer school uniforms and school supplies to disadvantaged students