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Scholarship Information 2018

Welcome to the New Hope for You Scholarship Opportunity


This opportunity is open to the high school graduating class of 2018!

Applicant must provide proof of high school GPA and must have at least a “C” to apply

Applicant must provide verification of acceptance into an institution of higher learning i.e. trade school or college

Applicant must provide  letters of reference from two TEACHERS 

Applications will be accepted NO emails starting March 15th  and must be postmarked and received by  April 15th  no exception ! We will be announcing via Facebook and other social media sites including emails and meetings with the public.

The essay choicest that must be written on this year are

"What do YOU think is a social injustice in the United States and what will YOU do to change the injustice if given the opportunity?"


"WHAT is the definition of being a RESPONSIBLE ADULT and what are your plans to achieve those goals within the next 4 years?"

Here are the recipients of the 10 recipients of the 2017 scholarships: