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Scholarship Information 2017

Welcome to the New Hope for You Scholarship Opportunity


This opportunity is open to the high school graduating class of 2017!

Applicant must provide proof of high school GPA and must have at least a “C” to apply

Applicant must provide verification of acceptance into an institution of higher learning i.e. trade school or college

Applications must be RECEIVED by April 7 , 2017 (No EXCEPTIONS)

Please submit all applications to:

New Hope for You

P O Box 172262

Memphis, TN 38187-2262

Please provide e-mail address as well as phone # for correspondences

The applicants will be notified of decisions by April 10, 2017


Please complete an introduction which consist of applicant telling about himself/herself including background, family and interest

In addition, applicant must write a 300-word essay answering any or all of the following questions:


What do you want to achieve out of your trade school or college experience?


Why is education important to your personal growth?


State your major or trade and give details on once you complete your course of study how you will contribute to your community after you graduate?